Modern Sponsorship redefines the perception of brands.

Tara Parchment / Vice President / Chubb

“As a leading provider of High Net Worth home and motor insurance we are absolutely delighted to be part of this unique event. From our first meeting with Marchella it was clear that Victory8 offered an innovative take on the usual motoring events by focussing on female participants and challenging the traditional male dominance in this space. At Chubb we are passionate about protecting what’s valuable and important to our clients and we understand the increasing influence women have in this area. Choosing Victory8 as one of our sponsorships was therefore an easy decision! “

Simon J Ambler / Vice President / Lockton Companies LLP

“I am still buzzing from what was a fabulous weekend.

I remember sitting with Marchella having a lovely brunch in Mayfair where she told me about this amazing concept. I was hooked from day one and absolutely needed to be involved. To say that she has worked hard to make this happen is an absolute understatement and I feel incredibly privileged to have been witness to a real life Wonder Woman in action.

Marchella, thank you. You have delivered on all of your promises and generated some wonderful memories for us all.

And to all of you who came, what a brilliant, amazing mix of people you all are. Great fun and great company.”

Modern sponsorship can not only act as a facilitator for generating wider content but also as a vehicle to redefine the subtle changes that can make a vast difference to the perception of your brand. It is the fastest growing marketing channel in the US but still very much in its infancy in the UK. It is not to be confused with advertising, this being a largely qualitative and not a quantitative medium. Through sponsorship and other supportive partnering ventures, it is possible to define and target customers and prospects with exact precision and insight. We develop and structure initiatives, which combine a creative mix of inspiration and credibility, working with companies that understand the power of rich media content that can expand and play to the human imagination. Well thought through and exactingly executed sponsorship programmes can create the emotional bond needed for brands to survive and prosper in today’s digital age, where consumers are fed with constant signals and messages, often irrelevant and untargeted. The need for personal connections and a real depth of understanding is needed now more than ever. 
'What's your currency of wealth?'
There is much to be gained from associating your brand with others that are serving and seeking out the same audience. This can enable greater budgets, better customer experiences and the ability to reach a larger audience or to connect more deeply with the audience. Great brand partnerships will work for your target and work for you if you choose wisely, resulting in a real win:win situation.