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Victory8 Events

Victory8 is a bespoke content and events platform dedicated to celebrating the achievements and successes of women in the 21st century by virtue of developing interesting and meaningful initiatives. It is an enterprise aimed at businesses interested in exploring their brand profile and adding another dimension to their communications strategy with an ever-growing audience of female consumers.  Founded by Marchella De Angelis, maverick entrepreneur and devotee of intelligent life, Marchella is best known for her avant-garde and artistic initiatives spanning the hospitality and design arenas over the last two decades. Having evaluated the increasing role women play in driving and influencing consumer and purchasing decisions, she believes more can be implemented to address women as they continue to broaden their lifestyle and explore new territories. 
'One of the world’s greatest emerging markets is closer than you think.  Women are the world’s most powerful consumers, and their impact on the economy is growing every year. The global incomes of women are predicted to reach a staggering $18 trillion by 2018, according to global professional services firm EY '  Bridget Brennan for Forbes.